difference-between-chemical-pest-control-and-herbal-organic-pest-control.jpgWe often get calls from our customers who enquire about the difference between chemical Pest control and Herbal or Organic pest control. So here, in a tabular form , we try to put some major differences between two methods of pest control and leave it onto the readers to decide as to which method is advantageous.span



Chemical Pest Control

Herbal Pest Control


Use of Synthetic Chemicals to kill or control Pests.

Make use of Natural herbs and plant parts.


Kill or control pests quickly and effectively.

Slow action and may take 2-3 days or longer to display results.


Are required to be applied less frequently.

Multiple herbal treatments might be required.


Readily available in market

Being less popular their sourcing may take time

Method of use

User friendly and fairly Simple to use.

May involve complex mixing and processing.

Treatment time taken

Can be applied quickly. Typically 1-1.5 hr. for a typical 1000 sq. ft. house

Herbal Emulsion preparation is time consuming and It’s application may take more time


Available in a variety of forms, like aerosols, powders, concentrates and granules

Available in the form of Granules, crystals gels and powders.


More effective

Less effective


Equipment like pumps, applicators ULV sprayers and dispensers required for application

Simple equipment like manual pump required.

Residual Action

Their residual action is more and may persist for longer periods

decompose completely without leaving behind residue.


Insect pests develop resistance in shorter periods.

Pests take longer to develop immunity.

Environment Impact

Harmful to living environment

Eco friendlywith little harmful effect of environment


Upfront cost and treatment cost is less

Cost of getting herbal pest treatments are higher


Human and Pets exposure can be harmful.

Little or no harmful effect on humans , pets and children as it does not involve use of harsh chemicals.

Shut down duration

Shut down time of premise from 3-4 hrs after the treatment.

No shut down time and premises can be re-used immediately.


Safety Precautions and PPE essential.

Negligible safety precautions required.


Some cleaning required after treatment

Little or no cleaning required after treatment.

Poisoning Antidote 

In case of poisoning , specific Antidotes prescribed for every chemical.

No Anti dote prescribed and patient may be treated symptomatically.


Greater awareness in society.

Less awareness among people.