Things look good where they belong. A hat looks good on the head, a bird looks good in the sky, leaves look good on the trees and similarly, bugs, insects, flies, etc. look good out there in the open, and not inside your house! There are different types of pests and insects that can damage your house and office and can cause you more financial damage than you can afford or imagine. If you have newly relocated, you might need pest control services in your house. Movguru, one of the leading online platforms, that connects you with the most prominent relocation companies can help you, as we provide you with such post-relocation services.

Here are some common household pests that can create unimaginable chaos in your life and the ways to control them as well.


These small insects do not just look disgusting but have disgusting effect in your house as well. Cockroaches can cause many harmful diseases like Salmonella, Coliform, Streptococcus, etc. and transmit dangerous bacteria and hepatitis virus around. These little monsters destroy your fabric, food, and wooden surfaces. To avoid and control them, block all the nooks and corners where they can hide. Remove food items that they feed upon and use effective sprays frequently to eradicate them from your house. Most importantly, keep your house clean.


Though seem small in size, these troublemakers can cause you more than you can manage. Mice nibble your food, clothes, wood, papers, and almost everything in sight. They create holes in your wooden cupboards, cabinets, shelves, etc. and make your life a living nightmare. They can damage your most expensive items and create an entire family within a very short span of time. To get rid of these awful creatures, remove all possible food items for them. Seal small gaps and holes from where they can enter your house. Use traps and rodenticides for better effect.


Flies can act as one of the most irritating insects of your house. Their constant annoying noise and presence can frustrate any person. These little beasties can contaminate your food and damage your health. They cause diseases like Salmonella and E.Coli and impose many other health risks. To get rid of unwanted flies from your house, keep your windows and doors closed during dusk. Use flyscreens, keep your dustbins covered, avoid water clogging and standing water.

If you are new to a house and wish to secure it with pest control or if you are facing pest induced problems, contact Movguru. We help you find the best pest control services around to make your life easier.