Qatar has a wealth of beauty and culture to offer to the people visiting or moving here. Is this your first time to Qatar or are you still unaware about the hidden beauty of Qatar, don’t worry, we are here to help. 

These are 6 places in Qatar that you must see: 

1. Katara Mosque

It is situated in the middle of Katara Cultural Village site. It is not like some typical mosque in Qatar. This mosque is beautifully designed to leave you awestruck. You will be blown away with the complex design and interiors. The building is a manifold of blue tiles with the hint of red and yellow. This mosque is accompanied by three spiked, sky-high pillars. 

2. The Doha Desert

This part of Qatar mostly remains untouched. The vastness of this place will make you feel small and you will be stunned by the unfamiliar landscape of this place. The place is full of flawless sand and rolling dunes. And you can enjoy this gorgeous desert landscape on any desert safari day. 

3. Al-Zubarah Fortress

This place is in the middle of nowhere. You will see sand stretched for miles before you see this place. The beauty of this fort lies in its lonesomeness and you can easily reach this place while enjoying a camel ride. This place has a history associated with it and Al-Zubarah often holds exhibition to let people know more about it. 

4. Al Wakra Museum

If you are a fan of good architecture then you will certainly love this place. Al Wakra Museum is the owner of some of the best architectures in Qatar. The museum features some of the most ancient artifacts telling the details of the history of Qatar. 

5. The National Museum of Qatar

This Qatar museum has such a complex design that it could easily be mistaken as an origami masterpiece. Design of the museum is inspired by desert rose which is a natural phenomenon that happens in certain climate and is formed by crystals. 

6. Barzan Towers

Barzan Tower is another example of brilliant architecture. But to completely enjoy and feel the beauty of this place you will have to make your way to the top. Feast your eyes with the view you see from up there. Also take your cameras along because this place is known to be a good place for photography.