Relocating or moving to a new office is more than just packing a few boxes of items and taking them to your new office. Office relocation requires a lot of pre-planning and careful decisions. Without prior planning, you may not experience a smooth transition of your company. Below mentioned pointers will help you plan your office relocation without any glitch or hassle. 

Choose a moving manager

The very first step that you need to take is to select a moving manager and put him in charge. You need to understand that the individual that you choose must have excellent organizational skills and should be able to take impromptu decisions. This manager will be the one to make sure that everything is being carried out and managed in order. 

Gather a planning team

The planning team that you select will be responsible for setting the dates for the Office relocation company. They will also take care of things like target packing, move-out and move-in day. This team will also determine the overall budget and will give you estimates on how much expenditure is required and where it is required. Their ultimate goal for this move would be to develop a project plan,which can ensure a hassle-free office move. 

Update all the information

One of the well-known facts is that in any office there are usually a lot of items that are essential to be moved. However, one of the primary things that you need to keep in mind is to inform the employees and everyone involved with the office. You need to inform your customers, vendors and the also the internet. Your employees too need to prepare for the move. It is advisable to discuss about the relocation packages, as employees’ commute would also alter accordingly. You can set a FAQ with your employees, so that everyone gets a fair chance to put their concerns forward. Let them know about the dates and keep them updates about the changes. 

Update marketing materials

Before you relocate, update your address and contact details in our business card, website, envelopes and other stationaries. 

Replace old equipment if possible 

Relocating to a new destination will give you a chance to change or upgrade your old equipment. You can choose to donate old items that you would not require in your new office. 

Hire a relocation company that you trust

If you are still weary of the entire process, you can always hire an experienced relocation company to carry forward the task. Many professional relocation companies will help you plan your office relocation with strategic planning that will leave no stone unturned. 

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