Packing a house and moving is a big task in itself, but when a baby is involved, it becomes a two-fold challenge. If you are facing the same challenge as well, don’t be worried. These are 5 super easy tips on how to pack and move with kids. 

1. Don’t pack up everything in advance because your child might get stressed out with all the changes happening around him. He might need food or he might be used to of having his bed at a particular place. So don’t pack everything very quickly if you are moving with a child. 

2. Hire professional Movers and Packers. Taking help from professionals is a great idea, when you are moving with kids. You will get to spend time with your kids as well and you can postpone your packing till the last day. Get in touch with professionals through Movguru. 

3. Pack your kids stuff yourself. Try to keep the important things like medicines, toys and other essentials in a different suitcase. So if in any case your moving gets delayed or your boxes arrive late, your child won’t face any problem. 

4. Arrange for a babysitter on the moving day. This is an extremely important tip for people moving with kids. You will be distracted with everything going around you, so it will be very difficult for you to be with your kid. Arrange a babysitter or ask some friend to volunteer. 

5. Speak to the doctor, before you move with your child. Take your kid to a paediatrician and know what all will he need in a new place.  Moving can be very stressful for a small child and he may even start showing signs of illness. Keep your options ready for such emergency situations. Also look out for doctors at your destination.