You must have read a lot about how to look out for the best relocation company. You must have also done your bit of research work and hired the company that suits your purpose. But before, your relocation process starts and before your hired moving company arrives at your place, there are few things that you need to take care of. 

If you want to experience a completely trouble free relocation, you need to do a bit of preparation. Below mentioned are 20 things that you need to do before the moving company reaches your place. 

De-clutter your home

It is very important for you to begin by sorting your home and getting rid of all things that you do not use and do not require. Arrange your belongings, sell or donate the unwanted items and keep the important things together. This will help you save you a lot of time.

Understand that some items cannot be moved

You need to ask the relocation company what all things they will not move, as you will have to make arrangements for the same. If you have plants or pets, you need to let the moving company know beforehand. And if possible, you must give away all the perishable food items and materials like motor oils, paint, charcoal, propane tanks, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, car batteries, cleaning supplies and other flammable.

Get insurance

It is very important to select an effective valuation protection plan and avail additional insurance if required. Do go through all the options and understand the conditions of the varied liability protection types provided the chosen moving company. 

Have an inventory

You need to create a detailed inventory of all your belongings that you are planning to relocate. This will help you while organising your stuff and you would know if something goes missing during the process. 

Keep thing clean and organized

You need to put every time inside a box or cover them with something. Without careful packing, there are chances your belongings may get damaged during the process. However, many reputed relocation companies will help you in packing your belongings using the accurate packaging box. Also unplug all the electrical and pack them together. Do not forget to empty all the drawers, cupboards and book shelves.

Pack the small items at the very beginning 

Do remember to pack all the small items at the beginning. Pack the items in sealable bags, so that they do not scatter and get lost during the move. Pack the fragile and expensive items yourself, if you do not trust the staff of the moving company you hired.

However, hiring the right relocation company for your needs is very important. The right, reliable and experience relocation will provide you holistic services, right from packing, loading, moving to unpacking.