Relocation itself is a very tedious task. And while hiring a relocation company, the biggest fear is to fall for a fraudulent service provider. Fraudulent moving companies are sure to create a lot of hassles for you. They would not just charge you with high prices but would also not guarantee the safety of your belongings. The below mentioned tips will; however, help you avoid such scams. 

Get the quotes from an individual rather than the internet:

You may find many relocation companies online who offer their services alongside the rates. It is always advisable to give them a call or meet them personally in order to get the cost estimates. A genuine moving company will first look into the belongings that you require to move and put forward their cost estimates. If the mover doesn’t come to check your belongings, you should avoid the company. 

Do not choose a moving company that provides pricing on cubic feet:

Companies offering rates on cubic feet are definitely scams. The price estimates should depend of the weight of your belongings, irrespective of how much space it will take in the moving truck. Moreover, certain companies will also add on extra additional fees claiming that your belongings have exceeded the estimated limit. 

Always visit the company personally:

You must definitely try and visit the moving company before finalizing on their services. You may do your research online and shortlist the companies that best suits your requirements and make an appointment with each of the shortlisted companies. By visiting the company and having a word with the staff, you will know if you can rely on them. 

Check for the companies’ online reputation:

This will also help you in knowing if the company has done a good job with other customers. If the company is a scam, you will find negative reviews of it on the internet. All you need to do is Google the company’s name and read all about it. 

It’s always good to get referrals:

Talk to someone who has recently relocated using professional relocation services. Know about their experiences and their suggestions. This, too, will help you in deciding. 

The aforementioned tips will definitely help you in choosing the right relocation company for your move, and will help you in avoiding the scammers. Follow the tips and enjoy a wonderful moving experience.