Moving to a new city? Trying to find a way to say goodbye to all your friends in the midst of a chaotic and stressful time? Consider throwing your own farewell party! An efficient way to say goodbye to many people at once, a goodbye party can give you a sense of closure and remind you of the great friends you have made. No matter the reason for the move – college, changing jobs, and adventure – it is a great idea to celebrate one more time with people you have come to cherish. And the memories you make can provide the perfect encouragement and support as you settle in to your new home and life (when you are feeling down, remind yourself that you have made great friends in the past and will be able to do so in your new location). Here are a few things to consider as you put together your goodbye event:

Early preparation

Remember to give sufficient advance notice to ensure that the greatest number of those you care about will be able to attend. Early preparation will also keep you from feeling rushed in the midst of other last minute moving stresses. Whether you’ll have the party at a nearby bar or restaurant, your home, or a friend’s place, plan how you would like the event to unfold and set your guests expectations accordingly. Do you want them to arrive by a specific time? Or will the event be more of an open-house style party? To minimize your own stress, consider keeping the party casual so as not to add to an already hectic time.

Choice of food

Now, to the fun part- the food! Homemade, pre-made, or catered, local-fare or perennial favorites, decide what will be easiest to arrange and what you will enjoy. You can even do a potluck and ask your friends to bring their favorite dish. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but ensure that you have plenty of food available for your friends and family.


Your going away party won't be complete without opportunities to say goodbye or to send love and encouragement. You can write a toast (for those who enjoy public speaking!), arrange a slideshow, or set out a guest book for guests to write in. Let your friends know your new address as well as any other contact information that may be changing. Tell your friends how much you will miss them and ensure they know you really appreciate their coming to say goodbye. If you are someone who hates goodbyes, then consider messages that focus on appreciating who they are and making plans for when you’ll return to see them again.

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