Stress-Free Ways Of Relocating Your Pet Overseas

If you have a pet and are planning to relocate overseas, it is advisable that you make some prerequisite planning. Relocating pets can be a challenging, as well as a tedious task. It can either be very complicated or very time consuming without appropriate preparation. There is need for careful analysis, so that your pet doesn’t have to face the complications while travelling. 

Your major objective should be the wellbeing of your pet. You need to know if your pet can travel in an airplane’s cargo bay or if it can be sedated, and also how will it react to lengthy quarantine. Therefore, before finalizing on your pet’s relocation, you need to consider the below given ideas. 

Know how safe it is for your pet to travel

In many countries the major criteria while pet relocation is the latent transmission of diseases through the arriving animals. Some of the major concerns are transfer of diseases like rabies and Avian influenza, which are easily transferable to humans. 

It is imperative to know if your new destination requires a lengthy quarantine process, which usually takes up to six months. It may not be about the expanses involved, but the fact that your pet, who is also your extended family member, would not be staying with you during the quarantine process. Furthermore, there are many countries that requests health certificate and microchip implanted in the pets.

The type of transportation

The mode of transportation for your pet to your new overseas destination should not be overlooked. There are many airlines that allow pets to travel in the cabin; however, their cage needs to fit under your seat. The challenge under such situation is that if your pet’s cage does not fit under your seat, you may be asked to ship it as checked baggage. This has the possibilities of health hazards for your pet. Here, you need to make sure that you avail thorough information of the temperature and air pressure, so that you know if your pet can travel in the same. You also need to make your pet comfortable and accustomed with the container before boarding. Adding some of its toys can help soothe his travel anxiety. Try not considering sedation!

Virgin Atlantic Pet Travel Scheme is one of the most pet-friendly airlines, as they provide Flying Paws Club that permits passengers to airline miles and also gifts for their pets. Virgin Atlantic will also provide you with shipment of your pets to various destinations across the globe, which includes USA, London, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Dubai, etc. 

What are the expenses involved

Qatar pet relocators - Relocating your pet overseas definitely calls for some heavy expanses, but having your pet with you wherever you live is worth it. Do remember to consider various options before finalizing of the flight. Nevertheless, you need to note that shipping your pet in a cargo is more expensive than traveling with it in the cabin or a checked baggage. 

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